About Us

About Us

Divya Rachana is a thought, a thought which is very much soft, very luxury, too much precious and of course lavish; because it is born from your dreams, and your imaginations.
The dreams which you see while creating your dream home. Imaging of your home, its looks, its beauty, its appearance. Drawing plan of may types, Thinking about color, type, shape, sizes, and different looking and trying to give shape and existence.

Telling about your dream home to many peoples, asking them about it, taking advice about architectural and interiors even bathroom fittings. Finding their views about your dream home.

So this is the part of that practice, or you can say that you can begin from first imagination.

We are here to serve you for your dreams, How?

Every person having the desire to make a beautiful home, beautiful office, and wants to make a luxury cabin in his factory which is very attractive and luxurious too.

So there should be a sketch of your dream home which shows attraction with the fulfillment of technology.

So let's start…..with consulting you, understanding you, your thoughts, and then draw the roadmap, design a concept, that what should be in your dream home a dream project.

After a detail discussion, assessing your views ideas, we prepare a design for your dream project. It is not complete to draw a plan only we analysis the Plan and design and start work on it. We consider all the facts regarding the design, we input the technology in it, like lighting, energy efficiency, water management, air conditioning, heart touching scene, and most important comfort.

A design is not said to be perfect until that has the qualities in it like attraction, technical aspects, material quality, and finally the proper use of a material.

So it is very much necessary to make a good design using all the data. For that we search each and every detail, we acquiring knowledge pertaining to your project.

For a perfect design selection of best material is also important, a good consideration about the material is required, so we check all the material quality and its characteristics minutely, and then selecting best suitable material for our design.

We recommend only those products, which are 100 % suitable for our project and disqualify those which are not fit for design. It doesn’t matter whether their prices are low, we emphasize on the best one. Only product quality, suitability matters.

We had finished a lot, Know How ???

It is often said “a good start is half the battle” so believe us you had done it, you started with your imaginations, and then you had drawn, then you analyzed . and finally evaluate technically.

Then you opted the best material products for your dream project. Now put a brick on brick and finish the race.

But remember the fabricators should be expert also, This is extremely important, that’s why they could shape your dream perfectly. It is often that you bought a cloth which is very nice, and you gave it to your tailor, but he is failed to stick according to the measure of your body shape. And whenever you wear it you have some odd feeling and then you think about the mistake always. And nothing can be done this time.

To prevent this situation, we provide you infrastructure made by the best expert team of technically sound people, which has looked beauty, strength, and technology.

Remember a good construction requires time, therefore it is requested you, we take enough time to complete our projects, so there is no lack of quality.

We are not for making a small house, we are for making the palaces. We are those who worship of the best, worship of perfection. We devote our time thoughts on making that ideal, that perfect.